A Healthy Easter Egg Hunt!

Easter is rapidly approaching, and that means my daughter is having an Easter egg hunt at her daycare, which she goes to a couple times a week while I’m at work.

I’m supposed to be filling up some Easter eggs with some “treats,” but knowing how often kids these days get sweets (think of all the holidays, plus birthdays and more), I wanted to fill at least my portion of the eggs with healthier, non-sugar-laden alternatives. Plus, part of the fun with Easter egg hunts is the actual search, and finding toys inside is, to me, cooler and lasts longer than a pack of candy.

So here are 20 ways to ditch using piles of chocolate or jelly beans as a filling for your Easter eggs. Mix it up and vary edible and non-edible treats for your Easter egg fillings!

1. Stickers (always a fave in this house)
2. Temporary tattoos
3. Pretzels
4. Barrettes
5. Dry cereal, like multigrain o’s or mini shredded wheat
6. Cheddar bunnies
7. Dried fruit
8. Erasers
9. Play dough or silly putty
10. Animal crackers
11. Bracelets
12. Chalk in the shape of eggs
13. Toy cars
14. Raffle tickets to win a bigger prize, like a coloring book with crayons
15. Foam letters or numbers from the crafts store – great for kids who are learning the alphabet
16. Small stamps
17. Mini bubbles
18. Mini cotton Pom-poms at the crafts store (tell the kids they caught some bunny tails, have a picture of a bunny taped to a wall and have them tape the tails on the bunny! Haha! I just thought of this on a plane ride)
19. Graham crackers in a fun shape
20. Dollar bills (this can get expensive so just fill a few of them up if you have extra eggs and don’t know what to put in them! I wouldn’t fill up coins for little kids, so they’re being upgraded to dollar bills haha!)

For young children, beware of choking hazards. For example, I wouldn’t fill up Easter eggs with marbles for my little tike! You probably get the picture but stay safe out there!

Happy hunting!

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