Marylebone Farmer’s Market in London

My husband knows me too well. Before we left for London, I was unprepared, not researching places to go and just deciding to wing it. I figured since P has already been to London before, he would know the places to go. And I was right! P researched beforehand this farmer’s market that I would be interested in, called Marylebone Farmer’s Market. It operates on Sundays so we headed there. P knew I would love it and I did. The vendors were local and the food was AH-MA-ZING.

There was just so much to take in and see. I was overwhelmed! There were freshly baked breads…
farm fresh, free-range eggs…

a variety of mushrooms, fruits, and vegetables in season…
and lots more, including these little meat pies. Don’t cow pies mean something else to Americans? :)

We got some cheddar from Greens of Glastonbury to go with our wine that night, and a slice of orange-almond-cornmeal cake from another vendor whose mom makes all the baked goods. (Sorry! Forgot the name!)

You can do your part to eat local too! It can be as close as your backyard. Plant a few things and feel rewarded knowing your food didn’t have to travel halfway around the globe to end up at your table. You save on the fuel, refrigeration, and more that’s involved with delivering your food to your home. You can also cut down on the amount of preservatives involved with keeping your food edible! When you have a surplus of fruits during the season, don’t fret, freeze or can them, like my friend Sophia does. Then you can enjoy those fruits off-season. Even just planting a pot full of mint or rosemary can be easy and thrive (I feel good knowing that I can just walk to my backyard and snip some rosemary when I’m making a dish, instead of paying $3 for it at the store! And it’s a really big plant now, and I didn’t pay too much attention to it!).

What things do you do to eat locally?

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