New Year’s Resolutions? Not Me

Happy New Year to all!  Again, the inevitable question that many ask around this day: “What is your New Year’s resolution?”  I always come back with the same answer, time and time again: “I don’t make New Year’s resolutions!” :P

Really, how many people do you know (yourself included) reflect on December 31st whether or not you’ve achieved the resolution that you set 365 days ago?  If you have, then I applaud you for that; however, I, for one, would rather set mini-goals for myself throughout the year.  Think of it as a continual self-improvement thing.  By setting mini monthly goals for yourself and writing them down (in your planner, your iPhone, fridge, wherever), you’re more geared towards success.  One year later, those 12 mini-achievements can add up to more than what you could have ever imagined.

Promote positive thinking, especially when it comes to food.  So many times, people feel they have to employ an “all or nothing” approach – to never eat this, to never drink that again.  One day, you might break your restrictions and succumb to that slice of cake at work, and feel like you’ve failed.  Instead of applauding yourself for eating that oatmeal for breakfast and nixing the mayo on your sammy, you’re fixating on that slice of cake.  I don’t want you to do that.  Instead, think of ways you can improve your diet, by adding more of certain things and giving yourself alternatives, rather than making a list of your so-called bad foods and vowing to never touch them with a ten-foot pole.  Here are some examples:

- I will eat more foods that grow from the ground (fruits, vegetables, whole grains), rather than a box

- I will drink more water, and hydrate myself with good fluids, rather than sodas

- I will buy more local foods by visiting Farmer’s Markets at least twice a month

- I will eat more plant-based proteins (tofu, beans, etc) and less red meats

- When I do choose to eat red meat, I will try to purchase more grass-fed beef

- I will eat more sustainably-raised animal products

- If I’m face-to-face with a dessert buffet, I’ll eat more of the fresh fruit, and allow a half slice of the dessert that looks of the best quality

See how easy that was?  They can just be simple statements that matter to you.  And it can apply to all other areas of your life – maybe you’ll devote time to smiling more, doing ten more minutes of yoga each day, or just taking more deep breaths.  And no, I’m not overusing the word, because more, viewed in these positive aspects, is definitely better.

Now, what will you do more of in the upcoming month?

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8 Responses to New Year’s Resolutions? Not Me

  1. Phi says:

    Well stated! Mini goals really can lead to more. And throughout the year circumstances change so a new year’s resolution may not be so applicable any more.

  2. Great list of improvements.

    I want to do more yoga. And stand up straighter. :)

  3. Becky says:

    Thanks for this post! I’m all about “more” in my life. Something I’ve decided to do more of is enjoy my food. I love cooking, but on weeknights it feels like I create a mess in the kitchen, eat dinner rather quickly, and then clean up my mess. It’s rushed, and I want to relax with my food more. So my husband and I have decided to cook once a week for the entire week, and then spend more time together enjoying the food, eating slowly, and being together.

  4. nutrition to kitchen says:

    Linda – I love yoga and do it whenever I can. I find that it helps a lot to relieve stress, keep your body strong and flexible, and promote more mindful breathing. It definitely has helped me sit up straighter! :)

    Becky – That is an awesome thing to start with your husband. So often, I hear how people get wrapped up in the hectic-ness (is that even a word?) of the week, and can’t wait for the weekends to finally spend some time with their loved ones. I say, make more simple meals (or pre-cook like you do!) during the week, so you can enjoy your weekdays more with the ones that matter! :)

  5. Lori (ADMIN) says:

    Definitely in agreement on this one. We don’t make resolutions at our house either… funny thing is, each year we accomplish all sorts of things and make scads of life improvements! Just don’t have that guilt of a “failed” resolution.

  6. michelle woo says:

    I love that! More good means less bad. Happy New Year, Tram!

  7. Love your “more” ideas, Tram. I’m also on board with the yoga and the posture and the stress relief. Think I’ll get off the computer and go do my morning yoga routine right now!

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